Emma Lapkina
Art direction and
Graphic design

Field of work:

Visual communication: identity, infographics, navigation, digital
and editorial design

Hello! My name is Emma Lapkina.
I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Moscow. 

I am availiable for freelance projects and collaborations, if you feel like talking about your project simply email or call me up!

Brand identity for Pyxis Capital
Art Direction, Web design 

Web design concept for an interior bureau
Web design

Brand identity for Grant Buro
Art direction,
visual identity, web design

Grant Buro is a side project of a production company Buta Flms that is aimed at making the process of applying for any kind of grant (filmmaking, education, art, music) easy. The services include gathering and translating all the documents, applying for a grant on behalf of a client, negotiating with grantors and preparing the client for the pitching.

The final outcome includes a coherent visual style, logo design, website, printed promo materials: business cards, letterheads, flayers and presentations.

Client: Buta Films, Grant Buro

+ 7 903 560 84 94
Mocow, Russia